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About Deshka house

Guest House Deshka is located in the village of Gorno Draglishte, 10 km from Bansko and 5 km from the village of Dobarsko, where is the church Sv. St. Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat - a national monument of culture. The village is located in the South Rila Mountain and everyone can touch the virgin nature of the beautiful Bulgarian mountain Rila. The Dancing Bears Park in the town of Belitsa is 15 km away. Here you will touch the life and culture of our ancestors. The house has 3 double rooms and two triple rooms, two taverns, a winter garden, a living room where everybody can have a souvenir and make the traditional smoke and we also have a summer garden with a gazebo.

Unique services

The food

Deshka has a particular attitude to food - it has to be prepared with products seen in their yard or in relatives and fellow villagers.


No matter how much free time you will have difficulty, you will be satisfied with a variety of activities that the hosts have been thinking about - chumlek, shupla and sui chushchi.


Immerse yourself in the uniqueness of local crafts weaving the "razboi" (looming), spinning a york, knitting five hooks.

The dinner

Meet the evening stories of folk beliefs, traditions, and of course, dance "oro".

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